Introducing Ossity, the web research hub. You can find out lots more about the app on the About page but here’s a summary: Ossity is a web research hub. It provides two main functions: a method of dividing your searches info two parts, a research subject and a query; and easy access to over 25 […]


Hover Bovver

Just made a change to the way that links behave when you hover over them. Long-time users will know that, by default, Textise previously displayed an underline on links when you hovered over them in the text-only output. In the interests of improved accessibilty, links are now outlined. This is way of indicating focus. I’m […]

Textise for web accessibility

Hey Textisers! If you use Textise for web accessibility purposes, please let me know how it’s helping you. There are some cynics about who think that text-only is never the answer, but we know different, right? Thanks!


After 9 years using the old logo I was getting extremely bored of it. So, for that reason, and because the site needed sprucing up a bit, I’ve changed the logo and some other “branding ” assets. Plus, this blog looks a bit different, right?… Work isn’t quite finished so don’t be surprised if you see […]

Rule #553 of the Internet

  Rule #553 of the Internet: You know your app’s doing well when idiots make the effort to attack it for no apparent reason. For a while now, Textise has been suffering chronic perfomance problems and regular outages. You might have noticed. I certainly did! First of all, my hosting company started complaining that Textise was […]

Case Study: Web to WAV

April, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, uses Textise to help her read newsletter articles without getting a migraine. Here’s her story… “I started getting migraine headaches a few years ago from reading so I had to give up 99% of my book reading. I really love to read newsletters, though, and it would take me forever to catch […]

Problems accessing Textise

We’re aware that some users are having difficulties accessing Textise. Please be assured that we’re investigating and hope for a swift resolution. EDIT (28/02/2016): Hoping that everyone can now access Textise OK. Seems there was a problem with some IP address blocking at my hosting company. If you’re still have troubles, please let us know!