After 9 years using the old logo I was getting¬†extremely bored of it. So, for that reason, and because the site needed sprucing up a bit, I’ve changed the logo and some other “branding ” assets. Plus, this blog looks a bit different, right?… Work isn’t quite finished so don’t be surprised if you see […]

Rule #553 of the Internet

  Rule #553 of the Internet: You know your app’s doing well when idiots make the effort to attack it for no apparent reason. For a while now, Textise has been suffering chronic perfomance problems and regular outages. You might have noticed. I certainly did! First of all, my hosting company started¬†complaining that Textise was […]

SEOtext – “What the Search Engine saw”

Announcing our newest product: SEOtext, the SEO tool that’s powered by Textise.¬†SEOtext gets right into the textual content of a web page. SEOtext can analyse the text of a web site to give you invaluable information about keyword frequency, which is, according to our new prospective partner, “truly ground breaking” for SEO. SEOtext can also […]

Textise 3.0

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now published a new version of Textise. Let’s call it version 3.0. This version sports a brand new hairstyle and an enquiring mind. Seek And Ye Shall Find First up, you now have the option of displaying a search box on some sites. This option is not switched on […]

And your host for tonight is…!

This weekend (Saturday 23/11/2013) I intend moving Textise to the new hosting on HostingUK. There’s absolutely no way this can go wrong, of course, but I thought I ought to warn you anyway… You’ll know when Textise is running on the new servers if you see “Textise is now hosted by HostingUK” at the top […]

One Direction

Just made a long-needed change to Textise. I noticed a little while ago that pages had stopped reporting SSL errors and were now complaining about “too many redirects”. I was pretty sure that the web service had code to deal with this but guess what? – it didn’t. The solution I found came in […]


I’ve been making some changes to the way that Textise manages subscribers. Subscriptions are available to web masters who want to use Textise to power Text Only/Accessibility links on their pages. The rules for subscriptions are pretty simple, as laid out on the For Web Developers page: Commercial use Textise is free for personal use. […]

October News

Overall usage figures for Textise continue to rise. Some comparative figures: Textise Page Views Month 2010 2011 July 4,342 12,920 August 4,076 13,256 September 3,381 12,325 October (1 – 23) 3,036 9,427 Around a three-fold increase, then. Pretty good. Apologies to those of you using the Windows Phone 7 app. If you’re using the new […]