Normal use

It’s free to use Textise to convert web sites into text from the Textise home page or by using the Textise bookmarklet or Firefox add-on.

Web sites

If you run a web site and would like to add accessibility (“Text Only”) links to your pages, you need to get in touch for permission.

Textise is free for small-scale personal, educational and charitable use. For commercial and government purposes  and for large web sites (including, but not restricted to, the creation of text-only links that use Textise or calls to the web service), please contact us for a quote using the Contact Page. Payment can be made on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. The cost will vary according to the size of your site and number of domains covered. There are other benefits to subscribing, including site personalisation and support.

The base charge is 75USD per web site/domain/sub-domain per calendar month, but we offer discounts for multiple orders made on an annual subscription basis. If you need to allow the conversion of authenticated pages, you should consider using Textise Pro, which has a base price of 150USD per web site/domain/sub-domain per calendar month.

Payment by PayPal is preferred but cheques also can be accepted.