Textise for web accessibility

Hey Textisers!

If you use Textise for web accessibility purposes, please let me know how it’s helping you. There are some cynics about who think that text-only is never the answer, but we know different, right?


One thought on “Textise for web accessibility

  1. Thank you for an excellent innovation!

    As a news addict I’ve noticed some changes in the mainstream news flow (at least here in Scandinavia). The focus is now more in the reader: more and more strange questions and tips. And yet I’m definitely not overweight, and no, I don’t feel my carbon footprint is very high, being an entrepreneur at home, not driving, hardly ever eating meat, very rarely flying (never far) etc etc. I might have my flaws (still breathing) but I’m not taking orders or opinions from news flow.

    I wonder if one could somehow filter questions and headlines containing “you” away? There is a chance this trend of manipulative messaging (a similar trend in tv: background muzak in mainstream NEWS) is on the rise so perhaps there would be demand for this.


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